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Our Sun Rooms and Sun Room addition Super Glass 60 & 90 is Cooler in the Summer and Warmer in Winter with 4 times Less Heat gain & Loss plus has 4 times more insulation than our competitor’s glass and will Keeps your heating & cooling bills lower. 

Reduces UV radiation which is extremely harmful and damaging, to people as well as to fabrics and furnishings.  Glass products that transmit a high percentage of UV radiation will result in faster fading & damage to fabrics & furnishings in that room and people who spend time in these rooms receive unsafe exposure to harmful UV radiation.

Sun Rooms and Sun Room additions are mostly all glass structures which make them susceptible to overheating. 
Up to 90% of the surface area of a Sun Room is glass, so the performance of the glass has an affect on the usability of the room.  

     Our Sun Rooms and Sun Room addition Curve and Straight Eave roofs are the first of their kind, blending the insulation of its solid panels
with the beauty and openness of glass. Our Sun Rooms and Sun Room addition Roof Glass is 7 times Stronger than standard residential glass and 9 times more Scratch Resistant than Acrylic.Indestructible, Safer For Your Family and comes with a lifetime factory glass guaranty
Sun Room Wall Systems

Sun Rooms and Sun Room addition Insulating glass is unique and patented with thermal steel spacer around the perimeter edge of the glass units.  This system uses a polyisobutylene primary seal with a silicone secondary seal.  It is the best material available for keeping moisture out and argon in, and silicone is the ideal material to long-term structural integrity for the sealed glass unit.  A failure rate of less than 1% after 20 years is the best in the industry. Our dual seal silicone systems lastsup to 10 times longer than other sealing systems insulating glass. 

     Our vinyl composite construction is used in all of our Sun Rooms and Sun Room addition and is unique to the Sun Room and solarium industry.   Aluminum, which is commonly used in other manufacturer’s Sun Rooms and solariums is among the worst construction materials
for energy efficiency.  Aluminum conducts both heat and cold very rapidly!

Sun Room Windows & Doors

Our high performance Sun Rooms and Sun Room addition window and door glass offers a new high performance single pane product and new double pane high performance glass products that outperform all other competitive products. The type of glass used will determine the comfort and usability of the a solarium or Sun Room. 

We have designed the very best Sun Rooms and Sun Room addition window locking system. We use a cam lock In our windows instead of latch-locks which become easily unlatched by an intruder.  Cam locks work better than other types of locking system because they stay locked. We have recently improved our locking system by adding a second cam lock, making our window locks more secure than ever before. 

     Vinyl is one of the most energy efficient building materials, with 1000 times less conductive to heat and cold than aluminum, which means the vinyl room will be much warmer in the winter and alot cooler in summer than the inside of an aluminum Sun Room or solarium. The frames of our vinyl windows and doors contain insulating pockets to help increase the performance  of our rooms over traditional low-end rooms fabricated from aluminum.